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Reiki is such a lovely therapy to receive. Many people have no wish to learn this, preferring to visit a practitioner for a relaxing treatment. On the other hand, a good percentage of my past clients have shown a desire to learn Reiki for themselves, progressing to train with me. You do not have to be a client however to learn Reiki. If you feel something is drawing you to learn healing, or have been meaning to train for some time, NOW may be that time!

Ask yourself why you are reading this now? What has guided you to these words?

"When the timing is right the teacher appears," is an old proverb, but a true one!

Reiki Always enters our lives at the moment that is best for our long term good.

If you have been meaning to learn in the past, but something always seemed to come in the way, then it was not the perfect time for you. It is not difficult to learn Reiki, you need have no prior knowledge whatsoever. All that is required is a kind heart and feelings of compassion to help those around you.

Many people have no desire to treat various members of the public, choosing instead to learn this therapy purely for themselves, and for those they love. Others may have the desire to treat the general public as an independent practitioner, and spread the benefit of this healing energy to many souls in need.

Training itself is not difficult. I do my best to explain the whole process clearly. Why should learning Reiki be complicated? It is one of the most ancient and natural healing therapies available. There is no upper age limit and I have taught Reiki very successfully to the older generation!

If you are looking to train in all there is, it is usually taught over time in four stages for those who wish to pursue, and go all the way down the traditional path.

I will explain the "three stages" in more depth now which I myself teach:- You may choose to take only one of these steps for the time being. I always teach the steps individually so that the student has time to assimilate the knowledge and get used to working with the energy before proceeding further, should they have the desire. This was the way that Dr Usui himself taught. Healing should not be rushed but rather grown in to!

A Reiki course with me is both informal and informative. Training lasts for one full day, and includes theory, training manual, practical training and of course back up advice if you need it. I am always here for my students should they need any help or further assistance. At the end of your Reiki one training you will receive a certificate of completion, and a copy of my lineage which can be traced back through the Masters to Dr Usui.

If you are interested in training but have some questions about the process, you are more than welcome to contact me for further help or advice. Choosing the right master is a big step, you should feel comfortable with the person who trains you, as it really makes all the difference.

I teach small classes - max 4 people. I'm equally happy to do one to one training if you prefer to do the course by yourself. I offer this at no extra cost to the student. The main reason I give and teach Reiki is because I absolutely love it, and wish to pass my healing energies and enthusiasm onto others, so that everyone may benefit! 

As an angel teacher, if anyone is interested in how to channel the healing powers of the angels into their healing work, then I can also help them to do just that.

Reiki One

This level of Reiki is for me the most important level. It awakens the student to the power of the healing energies.

Reiki one, opens the student for the first time to what has always been inside of them - Natural Healing Ability! Once attuned to Reiki you will find yourself developing a confidence and inner peace you never knew you had.

Reiki brings out the compassion within you, increasing feelings of self confidence, patience, self love, love for others, and a closer bonding with the natural word and all of its creatures.

Many students since learning with me are able to perceive glorious colours when relaxing, and have a new appreciation of nature and its beauty. Reiki can make us more open to psychic energy, feelings, crystals and colours, connecting you deeper to spirit if you wish to develop your physic ability. This is an individual choice however, you may have no interest in such things and are more intent on the healing path itself, and that of course is absolutely fine.

Reiki helps you to heal yourself physically and emotionally, and of course is a wonderful therapy to give to your loved ones, pets and plants…. Plants? ... of course! Anything which contains life force may benefit from healing energy. People of all ages can benefit from receiving Reiki, from babies to the elderly.

Learning Reiki often signifies the turning of a corner in your life and new beginnings.

Reiki Two The Second Degree

It may be that you are very happy with Reiki one and have no present desire to go higher, or it may be that working with Reiki has fired up your interest to learn more, and you feel compelled to train deeper into the many benefits of this next level.

Whatever feels right to you will of course be right! If you feel fascinated to follow the Reiki path of discovery, then you will be thinking of learning the second degree. This is a more intense level, which further strengthens your healing ability to greater heights. You will learn how to use the powerful Reiki symbols to facilitate greater levels of healing and peace.

Reiki 2nd degree accelerates your present healing energies to a more professional level, where in time you will feel confident enough to give healing to the general public as a practitioner, and apply for insurance as a Reiki therapist. It is true however that many students go on to learn Reiki two with no desire to treat the public and that of course is fine.

Reiki two is very powerful and further enhances your growing ability to give stronger healing to yourself, friends and family without the need to branch out any further.

Distance Healing

A major part of Reiki two is learning how to send distance healing to relatives or friends anywhere in the world. Healing energies can also be sent into any persons past, to heal emotional traumas helping them to move on with their life. Distant healing can be directed into the future to help you achieve your goals, and has many other benefits all of which may be learned during Reiki two training. No one really knows exactly how distant healing works, although I feel strongly that it is based on a persons heightened intention to make things better, and that in itself allows greater energies to come into play improving the lives of the people we love who cannot always be with us.

A Reiki two course is taught over one day in a similar fashion to Reiki one. This level has practical exercises for the student to perform in their own time, which I will help you to arrange. This is a traditional part of all second degree courses.

Once you have completed your requirements, I will be happy to award your practitioners certificate, as you will now have a much increased ability to heal both yourself and others.

Master Healer Level 3

If you have been working confidently with Reiki and feel ready to learn advanced healing techniques, then the third Master's degree is available. This is an excellent stand-alone therapy by itself, where I will supply to my students a wonderful crystal healing grid for distant healing. Master healer is exactly what it says - you will be attuned to and taught how to use the main masters healing symbol, which allows you to work with the highest possible energies to help people in deep need of emotional or physical healing.

Advanced Reiki also teaches you how to use crystals in a simple but very powerful and effective way, to enhance your healing techniques and especially in the sending of distant healing. It is a fascinating spiritual path, which helps you to exercise your healing abilities in a strong directive way to anyone in need. This level broadens your horizons and is particularly useful in increasing your connection to your higher self, helping you to become much more confident and wise. Masters healer level also prepares the student for learning the Masters degree at a later date, although many students choose not to go any higher.

Master Teacher Level or Reiki 4th Degree

Concentrates primarily on teaching Reiki to students who wish to become teachers, and does not make you any stronger a healer than a Reiki 3rd degree practitioner! The extra symbols learned at this level are not healing symbols but attunement ones for teaching purposes. Many people therefore choose to stay at 3rd level with no desire to go on to teach classes.

You should take your time with Reiki, learning in stages and working with the energy until you feel competent to go on to the next level. This will make you a much stronger, and more knowledgeable healer and teacher in the long run. Whichever level you choose to stay with for the moment, will be the right choice for you.