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Meditation has been used as an aid to supreme relaxation and inner peace for thousands of years. Understanding and learning to use meditation on a regular basis, will benefit the user with better physical health and psychological benefits such as feelings of calmness, confidence and contentment. I am a fully trained Meditation teacher with the New Age Foundation. M.M.A.N.F. I give instructional sessions in Meditation for beginners.

Meditation is not difficult to learn. There is no right way to meditate, there are many ways. I help people to understand some of these ways. This includes how to breathe, how to relax and switch off worry, and how to use the gift of meditation in your everyday life

The benefits are too numerous to mention, but the main advantage is learning to control feelings of anxiety and stress, how to slow down, how to visualise and cultivate a sense of inner peace, as well as a stronger connection with the beauty of the natural world around us.

Health benefits to be derived from regular meditation are the natural control of high blood pressure, lowering of the stress chemicals within our body such as lactate and cortisol, easing of uncomfortable conditions such as IBS and insomnia, enhanced memory stimulation, and in increase in the feel good chemicals which make us content and happy!

My sessions include information, such as the benefits of meditation, what it is and how it can help…and practical guided experience.

Inner Calm

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Training incorporates

Physical & emotional benefits

Posture & breathing

How to set-up a sacred place

The Magic of candles

Silent meditation & mantras

Guided Visualisations

Be Peaceful