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Many people are still unsure about the origins of Reiki, what it is exactly and how it can be of benefit. Reiki is quite simply a natural wonderful healing energy, re-discovered by Dr Mikao Usui, who was a great spiritual teacher and healer in the 19th Century. Reiki is used as a catalytic aid to well being, both in the physical sense and emotionally. Thankfully, it is now commonly accepted amongst health professionals as being highly therapeutic to people of all ages.

Reiki comes from a spiritual place. You may choose to call that place heaven, the angels, the source or Gods universe. It really doesn't matter what you believe or indeed where you akin it to, all we know is that it is a very pleasant yet powerful healing energy which although unseen, can be felt as it travels through the practitioners hands and into the recipient.

A Reiki therapist is someone who has been attuned and trained to receive and transmit Reiki energy both to others and themselves. Therapists are quite simply the channel between the source of healing and the person in need.

I myself have always felt a strong internal compassion to heal since a child, often coming across injured birds, insects and wildlife which I just wanted to pick up and "make better."

I always felt drawn to help both animals and people in need, and this strengthened as I became older and wiser.

It was natural therefore in adult life for me to be fascinated intensely by healing energies. After personally experiencing the physical and emotional benefits of regular Reiki treatments, I went on to train and learn more about this subject, becoming a Reiki Master in 2005 and have never looked back.

Like me, Jim is also a Reiki Master with his own regular clientele. Both of us offer Usui and Karuna Reiki.

Dr Mikao Usui

Dr Mikao Usui


What Can I Expect From a Treatment ?

You do not have to understand Reiki to receive its benefits. A typical session with us quite simply involves an informal healing consultation prior to treatment, so that we may understand and determine how best to help. You will then recline fully clothed on a comfortable therapy table, while listening to calming music to help you relax and enjoy the experience.

We will place our hands gently on and just above the body, allowing you to feel the comforting heat that is Reiki. Reiki works by flowing through the energy centres of the body known as chakras, distributing help automatically to any physical areas in need of healing. Reiki healing not only helps physical pain, but is excellent in relieving anxiety, insomnia and nervous tension, calming and soothing their relating symptoms.

Our clients are enthusiastic about how powerful, comforting and enjoyable their treatment is. The energy is most often felt as a soothing comforting deep heat or a pleasant tingling sensation. Some people may wish to try a session out of curiosity to experience the energy, and that's fine… however to fully receive the strongest benefits from Reiki, a minimum of three treatments are usually recommended. This of course is completely up to the individual.

We find that many people after a short course of treatment choose to return to us on a fortnightly or monthly basis for a healing top up. This helps them to maintain good health and a sense of happiness and inner peace. Other people simply anticipate a regular Reiki healing session as a "treat" to look forward to! - Which of course it is!

For Pets & Animals

Reiki is also excellent in helping animals in the same way as it helps humans. Several people have simply learned Reiki with me in order to treat their own domestic pets as I do myself, for after all, every living creature deserves to absorb the wonderful benefits of hands on healing. I have given hands on healing or distant healing to dogs, cats, horses, birds, rabbits rodents, snakes, even fish. Reiki is also absorbed by all plants and trees. That is why it is called universal healing energy!

Animals are great receivers of distant healing, as unlike people they are completely open and do not analyse healing energy they just accept it. I am unable to explain exactly how distant healing works, I just know that it does!

If you would like me to send your pet distant healing then please ask me. This is a free service! I have had very positive feedback from happy owners on their pet's progress since receiving Reiki energy.

Alternatively you are welcome to arrange to bring your pet to me for "hands on healing." I provide this service for a donation.